7 Best Prayer Apps for Android and iOS

7 Best Prayer Apps for Android and iOS

Prayer allows us to connect with The Almighty. It sets the foundation for a truly satisfying life. For those interested in spirituality, it is important to take the time for prayer. Even five minutes spent praying every day can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

The truth is that there are many benefits of praying. This is why you need to set aside some time to pray. With the advancement of technology, you can use a prayer app to help you with your path to spirituality. To help you get started, we have prepared a list of the top 7 prayer apps for Android and Apple users.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. Abide

One of the best prayer apps that both Android and Apple users need to know about is Abide. It takes advantage of modern technologies and trends to help users stay connected to religion. The app does a remarkable job by combining meditations with prayer. Thus, you will find it to be a modern prayer app.

There are plenty of features offered by the app that will keep you hooked. A great thing about Abide is that it has an amazing interface design and lots of options for meditation and prayer. There are even night meditations for sleeping.

No matter what type of challenge you might be facing, Abide has got you covered. It even has a guidance podcast that you can listen to find answers to questions you have.

2. ORA

An integral part of prayer is the meaning behind it. It is something that most religions agree with. Prayer serves as a method for connecting with God. This is where ORA comes into place. It helps bridge the connection to help you find ease.

Prayer is a critical part of our lives. By using ORA, you can improve your prayers to achieve more in life. You simply cannot expect to find a better app for connecting with God.

If you have been struggling with your prayer life, the app will prove useful. It has a circle feature that allows you to organize groups and pray with members. In fact, ORA is a community where you get to connect with others and engage in private communication. This makes it entirely unique in comparison to other prayer apps.

3. Prayer Mate

We live in a tumultuous time where it is easy to underestimate the importance of conversation with God. However, we must realize its extraordinary usefulness. Prayer is a remedy for all our problems. Therefore, it is a good idea to use Prayer Mate. It will help you establish a stronger bond with the Lord.

The desire and faith to speak with God are all you need. With Prayer Mate, you get to organize your prayer life rather than viewing prayer as something mechanical. Become attentive and diligent in your prayer with its help. You will be blown away by its intuitive interface and the ability to create your own categories for a small church.

Users will receive daily notifications reminding them to pray when they use Prayer Mate. The app also has a downloadable prayer gallery. Hence, it is worth checking out.

4. Prayer Guide – Bible Devotions

The next app that we had to include in our post is Prayer Guide – Bible Devotions. There are times when we feel uncertain and need an answer. It is during these times that we need to turn to the Bible to find answers. Even if you are enjoying a happy life, the chances are that you feel like you need to connect with the Supreme Being. With Prayer Guide – Bible Devotions, you get to discover a world of wisdom for personal growth and development.

The app serves as a prayer guide and contains all major Bible devotions, which you can read as many times as you want for daily inspiration. All the important Bible verses can be accessed on the app to keep going when the going gets tough.

5. Prayer Prompter

To strengthen your prayers, you need to use the Prayer Prompter. It is an app that will help you focus on your relationship with God. Become more faithful in prayer with its help. It has a separate Meditation and Prayer section, which you can access for scripture passages and more.

6. Prayer & Blessings Daily

In addition to the above, Prayer & Blessings Daily is another amazing prayer app for Android and iOS. Receive the light of Divine grace with its help. Its main features include inspirational content for praying, biblical prayers, recitations of text, and the option to share prayers with others.

7. Muslim & Quran Pro: Azan Alarm App

Keeping the best for the last, Muslim & Quran Pro: Azan Alarm App is an amazing app that both Android and iOS users will love. It offers everything that one could possibly need to pray and lead a spiritual life.

There is no limit to what you can do with the app. It has been designed to inform users of prayer times, provide access to the Holy Quran, and has an extensive collection of Hadith. You do not need to be a Muslim to use the app, as it is designed for everyone.

However, if you are curious about the Islamic faith and want to learn more, it is the perfect app for you. Listen to the beautiful recitations for achieving internal peace and read powerful verses from the Holy Quran to change your outlook on life.

In addition to Muslim & Quran Pro: Azan Alarm App being a prayer app, it can also be used to combat anxiety and depression. Only when you use the app will you come to realize how amazing it is.


After you have finished reading our post, you will know the best prayer apps for Android and iOS. Each prayer app that we have included has something unique to offer. Hence, you should use the apps to find out which one suits you best.


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