5 Low Recoil Guns in BGMI

5 Low Recoil Guns in BGMI

Controlling recoil is crucial for winning gunfights in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Guns with low recoil make it easier to land accurate shots during sprays. This guide covers 5 excellent low-recoil guns to use for better spraying in BGMI matches.

M416 Assault Rifle

The M416 is arguably the best all-around AR in BGMI. With the right attachments, it has very minimal horizontal and vertical recoil. This makes it great for medium and long-range sprays. The low recoil combined with good damage and rate of fire makes the M416 a versatile beast.

UMP45 Submachine Gun

For close-quarters combat, the UMP45 is an excellent choice thanks to its easy recoil properties. The recoil goes straight up and has little horizontal movement when properly equipped. It lacks the raw DPS of other SMGs but makes up for it with superb stability. The UMP45 is great for room clearing and urban combat.

SKS Marksman Rifle

The SKS has one of the lowest recoils out of any designated marksman rifles or snipers in BGMI. Because it fires 7.62mm rounds, it packs a serious punch downrange while remaining relatively flat when shooting rapid follow-up shots. Carry it as a solid mid to long-range option.

MK14 Marksman Rifle

The MK14 EBR may be an airdrop-exclusive weapon, but it offers some of the best recoil control for any semi-automatic gun. It provides the rapid-firing capability of an assault rifle with the punch of a sniper rifle. The MK14’s power, accuracy, and minimal recoil make it extremely lethal in CQC.

Beryl M762 Rifle

The Beryl M762 has high damage and rate of fire. Although it has some horizontal bounce, a foregrip, and compensator keep it mostly vertical. Once you learn to control its initial recoil, the Beryl is one of the best options for shredding enemies at all ranges. Pro players can laser with this gun.

Mastering any of these low-recoil weapons will give you a strong edge in BGMI firefights. The M416, UMP45, SKS, MK14 EBR, and Beryl M762 are excellent choices to learn for their stability and damage output. Use these guns to step up your spraying game. But also make sure to stay updated with gaming news and updates as you might see some other top 5 in the list soon.


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